Broad-range Websites: Enthusiast, Tech, Restoration, Motorsports
Alfa Bulletin Board – An incredible wealth of information with a search engine for specific interests. Discussion forums include: repair info, specific models, parts and cars for sale, competition, restoration advice, history, photos, and more.
AROC National – National AROC maintains a tech resource and bank of volunteers who will take questions via email.
Alfa Romeo Giuliettas – The “Go-to” about 750-101 series; history, restoration, etc. Sign up for Matt Hamilton’s market letter.

Historical & Contemporary Reference Material
History of the Modern Spider – Modern Alfa Romeo spider history
Alfa Romeo Company Historical Archives – A bit difficult to navigate, but there is a link to request information from the archive.

Italian Design Houses
Italian car design is one of the greatest manifestations of industrial design in the 20th century. These sites provide a perspective on the major design houses and designers who represent the wellspring of many concepts incorporated in world-wide automotive architecture.
· Pininfarina
· Giorgio Giugiaro
· Zagato

Model/Carrozzeria Specific Sites
· Zagato
· Montreal
· GTV6
· Giulietta Register
· Berlina Register
· Duetto Register

News Related to Alfas, Italian Cars, Motorsports & Auto Industry
Italiaspeed – Wide ranging news including racing, enthusiast, clubs and product news.
AutoItalia – Newsletter from “The World’s Leading Italian Car Magazine” (per AutoItalia)

Motorsports: Racetracks, Events, Course layouts, Calendar and Race cars for Sale
Summit Point Raceway
Virginia International Raceway (VIR)
Watkins Glen
Goodwood Festival of Speed
Sports Car Vintage Racing Association
Vintage Race Cars for Sale
Vintage Sports Car Club of America (VSCCA)

Repair & Maintenance Data & Tech Information
How To Workshop Guides – Extensive step-by step instructions for repairing and servicing a variety of Alfas.
Wurster’s Foreign Car Service in Franklin, TN
Bodywork @ Alfa Bulletin Board – Is Bondo bad? The answers to this and other puzzles about repairing sheet metal on Alfas are discussed.
Brakes @ Alfa Bulletin Board – An excellent article on rebuilding irreplaceable brake master cylinders.
SPICA @ Wes Ingram Enterprises – Detailed maintenance, repair and tuning information from experts in SPICA. At the bottom of the home page, there are 3 links to click: Fuel Supply Diagnostics Guide, Roadside Diagnostics Guide, plus Replacing and Adjusting the Thermostatic Actuator. All 3 are invaluable to SPICA owners.
Weber & Dellorto Carburetors – A detailed tech article on how to select and tune DCOE units. His home page also has a link for a download of his text on tuning Dellorto carbs.

· Paint @ Alfa Bulletin Board – In need of new paint on your Alfa? There are choices so what’s best? This article tells all.
· Classic Alfa Colors (OEM) – Links to examples of most exterior and interior interior colors. Taken from 1972 charts, but applicable to many years.
· Paint codes for Alfas Search by year – Photos of actual color chips.

Parts & Services: Broad-line US Parts & Accessories Sources
Alfa Parts – Berkeley CA based parts supplier
Alfissimo – Specializing in parts for 164 and Milano. Inquire via their email link.
Centerline Alfa – Parts including performance and suspension upgrades, fuel, ignition and exhaust system parts and more.

 Vick Auto – Parts supplier
Re-Originals – Extensive catalog of restoration parts: body, interior and mechanical. Many are newly manufactured.

Non-US Based Parts & Accessories
The Internet has made international purchases easy due to email and online ordering. Parts that are hard to find in the US are often available through European sources. Compare pricing and shipping costs. A currency converter is available at
AFRA (Italy) – Major Alfa supplier for Europe for more than 55 years. Often has parts unobtainable elsewhere. May be slow to respond to inquiries but when certain new, OEM parts are desired, AFRA may be the best option.
Alfaholics (UK) – GTA replica wheels, GTA replica parts including aluminum body panels, oil coolers radiators and other performance and replacement parts.
Alfastop (UK) – Brake, clutch, engine, steering, suspension & transmission parts, exhausts, books and manuals
Classic Alfa (UK) – Large variety including rare and specialized parts like replacement dash knob sets for early 750 and 101 series, brand new fuel tanks, conversion kits to replace US bumpers with Euro ones.
Highwood Alfa (UK) – Many parts including performance parts/ accessories, paint stickers, and other ID plates and decals
Ital-Parts ( Netherlands) – A wide range of new and reproduction parts for older Alfa’s back to the 6C 1750; also Ferrari, Lancia, Carello, Veglia, Borrani

Specialty Parts & Services
Body Panels @ Wolf Steel Panels – Replacement floor & body panels for Sprints through GTV6 including 102/106 cars.
SPICA @ Wes Ingram Enterprises – Rebuilding services for SPICA injection pumps; also modification for hotter street and competition use.

Lighting & Bulbs @ Service Lighting – Amber & clear fog lights for GTV & others using 5 ¾” ( PAR46); also aircraft landing lights in the same size if you need something stronger.
Panasport Wheels @ Paul Spruell Motorsport – Replica Panasports with modern alloy composition. Also performance parts including Carrillo con rods.
Seat Belts @ Andover Restraints – A comprehensive selection of seat belts/harnesses including period appropriate belts and fittings for 50-60’s, and 70’s cars.
Weatherstripping & Rubber components – Rubber compoinents for Alfas including weatherstripping, hoses, even rubber mat sets for almost every post-war Alfa

Convertible Tops & Upholstery, Seat Sets
· Topsonline
· World Upholstery
· Robbins Auto Tops

Dashboard Replacement/Caps
· Centerline (Padded Repros)
· Vick Auto (Hard Plastic Repros)

Gauge & Speedometer Repair/Restoration
· D & M Restoration
· Palo Alto Speedometer – Cosmetic and operational repair and restoration of gauges, tachometers & speedometers

Fuel System—Carburetors
· Pierce Manifolds – Large range of off the shelf and custom fuel system solutions.

Upholstery & Carpet
· Vinyl Cleaners and Softeners – Many Alfas have aging vinyl upholstery that may not need to be replaced and can be treated instead. This source has a variety of vinyl and leather treatments.
· World Upholstery & Trim – Replacement carpet, seat sets & foam for most Alfas from 1955. DIY or take to a local auto trim service.

· Classic Wiring – A specialist in Alfa wiring harnesses. Website lists Alfa models and prices for harnesses for each model.
· Rhode Island Wire – Electrical connectors, wiring harnesses, parts, & wire Will duplicate old wiring harnesses.