Trabue posts podium finishes at The Mitty

A.L.F.A. Inc member, Tommy Trabue, posted podium finishes over the weekend in The Mitty at Road Atlanta.

The weather was not exactly dry. ” I think it was the wettest weekend of racing I have experienced in a long time. We had good rain tires so that helped a lot,” stated Trabue.

Trabue chose to race his vintage 1965 Porsche 911 over the Alfa Romeo SZ2 which is undergoing some work. ” I had sort of planned to take the SZ2, and I am really glad that it didn’t get finished in time,” said Trabue due to the wet weather.

Trabue finished third in the races he entered. The first race on Saturday, had 36 contenders. For a full recap of all The Mitty races go here.