PSA merger has killed the planned Alfa GTV and 8C sports cars

Alfa Romeo’s future product plans will see a cutback, FCA boss Mike Manley indicated during a third-quarter earnings call, Autocar reports.

Manley said that the brand’s future product plans will be “significantly scaled back, with a corresponding reduction in capital spending,” according to Autocar, with two sports cars being the first to be cut from the company’s earlier plans that were revealed in June 2018.

Instead, the brand will focus on four core models: successors to the Giulia and the Stelvio, a smaller crossover due in 2020 that will be called Tonale and yet another crossover due in 2022 that has not been named yet.

Back in June 2018 the automaker laid out a five-year plan that included the four models mentioned above plus a successor the 8C halo car, which was expected to be a technological tour de force promising a twin-turbo midengine layout with electric boost at the front axle, good for at least 700 hp. 

The previous 8C, the first Alfa Romeo model to mark the brand’s return to the States over a decade ago, was powered by a 4.7-liter V8 borrowed from Ferrari.

The next GTV, meanwhile, was expected to be a sleeker coupe version of the Giulia, but with far more power. At the time, Alfa Romeo promised at least 600 hp and electric boost for this model, among other pieces of ambitious tech.

Besides the two sports cars, Alfa Romeo also planned long-wheelbase versions of the Stelvio and Giulia, thought to be aimed exclusively at the Chinese market; an SUV positioned above the Stelvio; and a sedan positioned above the Giulia that was expected to be aimed at the BMW 5-Series, Autocar notes.