Marvin Smith Just Can’t Help Himself

Sometimes I can’t help myself.  I am completely redoing my 81 Spider.  I had the paint touched up by my body man, took out the engine and transmission to be rebuilt, then took the car to an upholstery man to have the interior redone as well.  I felt that would put my Spider on the top of the list for Spiders. 

I knew this would bring my Spider to the next level, then I found a Spider for sale in Alabama with a hardtop.  Needless to say, I bought the 89 Spider for its hardtop and it also had a new soft top that could replace my slightly used soft top.

I now have everything to put together the #1 Spider, in my opinion, that exists.  Not only will the car have a great paint job, high performance chromed engine, custom leather interior and a removable hardtop, (which is rare), but it will still be the only Spider that has its own boat to pull.

It will not be finished to show off at the March meeting, but be assured I will have it out soon to show it off.