Meet Vaughn Robinson, Number 5 of 10

When I was single back in the 50s in LA, all my buddies had sports cars.  One had a Pantera, the other a Porsche Targa.  So I decided I needed a sports car also.  I went to the Jensen Healey dealer in LA, drove the car and just did not like it. 

I then went to Newport Motors, the local Alfa dealer and fell in love with the spider.  Well, I told the sales guy I wanted a red one.  So in 1975, I bought a brand new 1974 Alfa Spider 2000 and kept if for six years or so.  Years later I had it repainted white.  

The AROSC club had a Concours inside a local mall.  I won 2nd place in best of show.  Over the years, I drove it from LA to Seattle round trip with my three kids in the car.   Purred like a kitten.  

I changed the color scheme to pearl white with a rainbow trim….very unusual.

In 2005, we moved to Tennessee and Donna and I bought an 88 Spider Quad from eBay in New Jersey.  It is silver and has won numerous awards at European Car Shows.