Free Membership Opportunity

The treasurer’s report from quarterly meeting (Food Fest) held September 16 at the home of Bruce and Phyllis Tilden confirms that we are a frugal organization that is comfortable with funds that go back to revenue earned from the 2001 “An Alfa Odyssey” convention.  The 2016 convention added to the till.  We don’t spend much. 

I noted that as I participate in more car events, I see more Alfas.  I therefore think there is more membership potential out there than we are realizing.  To that end, I suggested that some of our funds be used to provide incentive for membership by offering free first year admission.  I then hope that the Alfa Owner’s magazine, Bob’s newsletter, us and the events Rob plans will keep them as paying members the next year and beyond.   Larry Benson seized on that idea in the form of a motion, and the club agreed to provide the funds for 10 new members to join gratis for one year.  Just prior to penning this message, Larry Benson informed me that a ‘62 Giulietta Spider Veloce and its owner from Lenoir City will be the first to take advantage of the club’s offer. For those of you that could not attend the meeting, please use this special offer to invite more Alfisti to join us. 

To further assist, Bob Simonds has produced a nice handout postcard with information on membership, the address to mail the check and a reminder to affiliate with our Chapter #40.  Watch for some of these in the mail with a nice magnet that identifies our and the national’s website address.  Put the handout cards in your glove boxes and use them.