Spring Fling in St. Louis, MO

 Bo’s take on the Spring Fling

The St Louis Club’s “Spring Fling” was lots of fun.   Great folks and loyal Alfisti participated in this annual event.  The Tennessee Club was represented by Spring Fling regulars Bruce and Phyllis Tilden and John and Laura Greason.  Penny and I joined for our first “Fling” and were glad we did.

The collection of Alfas was impressive and included a late 50’s model Giulietta Berlina, Spiders, GTVs,  with a new Giulia and a 4C. 

The location was in Washington MO  50+ miles west of St. Louis in a more rolling hill area of MO where I had never been.  There had been some serious flooding just prior to the event and a bridge over the MO river on the north side of Washington was closed.  The weather cleared the morning the event started and the club was elated with the nice weather and the weekend that ensued.  We arrived on Friday night to a reception where everyone got reacquainted.   Saturday brought a beautiful day to drive those rolling hills I mentioned and it was lovely.  Penny and I had driven two cars in order to seriously participate.  So for the Saturday rally John and Laura Greason took the wheel  of the GTV and Penny drove me in the white Spider.  About halfway into the rally drive, something happened to a Spider and we all stopped to see what was going on.   This coupled with some communication that the road where we were headed was closed due to the recent flooding, made for a 25+ minute stop to talk about it.   After the group started driving again, Penny and I had to prove to ourselves that the road was truly closed.  While others went in various directions, we finally found the closed road and had to drive 10 miles back to where we were.   Determined to complete as much of the route as we could, we traveled around the closed road and found the beginning of Leg 2 and kept going.  All this put us an hour late for the meeting at a local winery.  Everyone else had eaten a sandwich and had some wine by the time we got there.   The group had planned an art show competition like done at the National Conventions.   We missed that too, but saw pictures of some special entries.

Back to the hotel to freshen up for an evening banquet.  The banquet was well managed with good food at a local restaurant.  The evening included lots of door prizes for attendees.   I cherish my Alfa tire valve stem caps I was given by random draw.  Great time and comradery at this event

Sunday morning included an autocross and concourso at a friend of the club’s business parking lot.  I have never participated in an autocross.  This time I did get t run in the passenger seat of a 4C.  It was quite the experience.   Otherwise, Penny and I just showed our cars and looked at everyone else’s.

Not over yet, the Spring Fling held a nice awards luncheon and gave awards for the rally, autocross and the concourso.   Our own John and Laura Greason were recognized for their success in the rally.  This was a great way to meet one last time and say goodbye to everyone and new friends for us.

Laura and John Greason have always promoted this event and I now agree that we should all attend it in the future.   Laura says “the best people are Alfa people” and it was certainly true of this group.   I hope you all have a chance to participate in Spring Fling sometime.