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Tom Kominos

This is my “new” 1993 Alfa Spider.  All original with one repaint.  I want to thank Bob Simonds for his help locating this car.

I had been looking for a British sports car for some time when I happened to notice some Alfas for sale in my Hemmings magazine.  I was quite familiar with the British sports cars.  I did a complete ground-up restoration of a Triumph TR3 in the past, as well as doing a current restoration of a TR3.  I knew nothing about Alfas so I called Bob to learn about them.  Needless to say, I was impressed by the amount of standard equipment available and the reasonable price.  Bob sold me on Alfas and I was fortunate to find such a nice car.  I live in McMinnville with my lovely wife, Annette and our cute dog “Duffy”.

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Rob McKeehan

Hello fellow Alfisti.  My current Alfa is a 1971 Giulia 1300 Super.  I bought the car through a successful auction bidding on the Bring-A-Trailer website on the day before this last Christmas.  Quite a Christmas present to myself!  That was the same time that I was retiring as an engineer from Oak Ridge National Laboratory, so it was my retirement splurge.

I had over the past year or so been in on the bidding process for other good Alfas of that vintage on the BAT site, but none successful.  This one was a welcome surprise.  The catch to obtaining the Alfa was that it in Greece.  The seller, Alex Vazaios, was well-known to the BAT community as a dependable dealer, and indeed to deal with, he was superb.  The Alfa was presented as being in excellent condition and uniquely original, down to the original rubber mats.  The transactions went very well, and the shipping was easily handled on his end.  After about a three-week boat ride the Alfa arrived in Savannah.  It was just as advertised. As a leap of faith, I had decided to drive the Alfa back to Knoxville, rather than trailer.  My wife, Susan, and I drove to Savannah for a short visit.  The Alfa was just as presented.  The Savannah warehouse folks were quite skeptical of it being driven across the mountains to Knoxville, but we headed out, and I drove it back, with Susan following, with no problems.

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Mike Hemsley

I’ve been around for a long time – long enough to have retired from the Army, federal government, and the University of Southern Mississippi.  I was born in Baltimore, Maryland, but, thanks to the military and feds, I have lived on three continents and in seven states.  I was educated as an engineer but my civilian experience was in oceanographic data collection.  But you’re more interested in my history with Alfas.  I finally got my first Alfa, after three failed attempts, in 1971 – a brand new Berlina.  I was taken enough by that car that I bought a Giulia Super to race (B Sedan).  Subsequently, I have had a total of 14 Alfas, only two of which were red.  I’ve had 5 Spiders, from ’61-’79; 3 GTs, from ’63 to ’76; and 6 sedans, from ’66 to ’87.  Nationally, I have served on the AROC Board three separate times.  I’ve been a member of a variety of chapters and am currently a member of three – DSARC, Cap Chap, and A.L.F.A. Inc.  Now that I’m retired from the real world, I spend my time by being a paid contributor to Sports Car, a magazine of the SCCA, and Vintage Roadcar, although I occasionally contribute to Alfa Owner gratis.  I am certainly an Alfista and have a ’73 Giulia Super with a very hot 2-liter engine, but I’m also a car guy and enjoy a variety of other marques.  I currently own two other interesting automobiles – a 2013 Ford Focus ST and a 1949 Austin Dorset.  Living in Chattanooga puts me a couple hours from the chapter meetings, but I hope to make one every couple of months.   

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A.L.F.A., Inc. Board of Directors for 2017

PRESIDENT: Bo Richardson 615 830-7729

VICE PRESIDENT: Bob Simonds 931 592-3232

SECRETARY: Laura Greason 901 755-9796

TREASURER: Phyllis Tilden 816 309-6200

WEBMASTER: Pauline Simonds 931 592-3232

NEWSLETTER EDITOR: Bob Simonds 931 592-3232

ACTIVITIES DIRECTOR: Rob Marrow 859 433-0631

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