Welcome to our newest member: Nicholas Mitchell

Nicholas Mitchell is from Clarksville.  He has a 2018 Giulia Quad.  He joined our chapter on October 18.  We hope to see him soon at our events.  No promises that there won’t be drooling over his Quad.

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Welcome to Arlo Owens

Arlo Owens is the proud owner of a 2017 Giulia.  Sending him a warm welcome to our chapter.  We hope to see him at our events in the near future.

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Welcome to Robert Cowin

Welcome to new member Robert Cowin.  Robert has ordered a 2019 Giulia.  He will be attending our Quarterly Meeting/Holiday Party on December 15 in Nashville, TN.  If you are able to attend, you will get to meet Robert and welcome him to our TN Chapter.

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James Walker of Memphis

Here are some pictures of my ’64 Alfa Spider.   I have put only about 50 miles on the clock since I got it back from almost 10 years of restoration, eight years for the mechanical, one year at my house and one year for the body, paint and upholstery.  Upholstery needs to be reworked, the shop did not know how to install the vinyl.
Ciao and All the Best,
Jim in Memphis

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Welcome to New Member Charles Johnson

Thank you for your welcome message.  My Alfa is a 1976 Spider.

I have always wanted an Alfa Romeo Spider since my teenage years and now that I am in my 40s (47 to be exact), I recently came across this one on Ebay and on a whim was lucky enough to be the winning bidder.  I really wanted a series 2 vs series 2a however this one was in too nice shape plus had been converted to be more like a series 2 anyway.  I have been pouring over all the technical reading I can to become familiar with all the mechanical aspects to keep this car in great running shape and look forward to being able to swap notes with other club members.

My wife and I live in Franklin, TN and have one daughter in college.  I own a manufacturing company in La Vergne and look forward to attending some club events.

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Say Hello and Welcome to David and Carolyn Harrelson

‚ÄčI have been an Alfa nut since going to Italy in 1962 for a year because my father was doing research at the Vatican library for a book he was writing.  Bought my first Alfa during Law school at Vandy, 1976, a well worn 1963 (titled as 1964) Giulia Spider 1600 5 speed, and still own it.  Now retired from law practice, I still enjoy building engines and cars (a hobby since about 14 years old), and am about to tackle my first total rocker replacement on a really rough 62 or 63 spider I bought for parts, already in two halves.  I also own a 63 Sprint, a very rough but complete 74 GTV, 84 Spider, and about 25 more Chevys, Buicks, Toyota trucks and others in various states of disrepair.  Thus my nickname on many forums is “rustfarmer”.
I have done just about everything with cars and trucks, but perhaps am best at diagnostics of mechanical and electrical issues, plus engine swaps and general hot rodding.  I was a member of the Nashville Alfa club many years ago, but at that time the group seemed more interested in eating pasta and drinking wine than working on their cars, so I lost interest. I look forward to meeting you and other members of the group, and am more than willing to help others keep these remarkable cars purring down the road.  Caio!

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